Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

Official Bio:

Melissa Alam is the Founder & CEO of Femme & Fortunea digital platform and creative marketing agency for the modern, ambitious woman. A self-proclaimed #ideaholic, Melissa is best known for creating the first all-female coworking space in Philadelphia called The Hive, as well as her yearly conference for women called The Fearless Conference. When she’s not busy behind her computer screen, Melissa can be found traveling the world and connecting dots between people and communities. She and her businesses have been featured in publications such as BuzzFeed, The Everygirl, Philly.com, CBS PhillyWorld Women Foundation and more. You can find her online talking about her random, daily adventures at @RingTheAlam.

Unofficial Bio:

I’m chill and love the internet. Hit me up at @RingTheAlam.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Soccer (fútbol) is my favorite sport!
  • Dirty Iced Chais are my drink of choice. Okay and maybe a gin and tonic.
  • I’ve lived in Philadelphia for ten years now.
  • Google is my best friend when it comes to learning new things.
  • I’m an awesome travel companion and spend hours some days looking for cheap flight deals.
  • I’m obsessed with my niece and nephew…#FutureInterns
  • I judge companies based on their branding hehe.
  • I can speak Bengali, and I love learning new languages.