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A Fresh Brand Board

I had fun with this one. I’m updating my brand a bit and my dream customer/client profile, so I wanted a brand that resonates with the new me. “Grown Sexy” (Bachelor fans, you’ll understand haha).…
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Get To Making!

Find a void and fill it. No need to be shy these days! I’m currently watching this awesome SXSW video featuring Tina Roth Eisenberg as the speaker, and I’m feeling so inspired. I had to…
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Color Love – Saffron & Peppermint

I’ve got a new color love for this week based off of two beautiful photos I found searching through Pinterest. I was looking for a mustard-y kind of color, and the saffron in this vintage…
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The Urban Tastemakers

Market Research Is Always Fun!

Hey all! I’m starting a new project and I need some feedback from you all, especially if you’re in the Philadelphia area! You can access the survey here: The Urban Tastemakers Survey Thank you! Photo…
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4 Holiday DIYs To Try

Need some DIY projects to lighten up the busy soul? I love getting crafty in my spare time; it allows me to relax my brain muscles and do something a little more lighthearted than client…
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Adobe’s Photoshop Photography Program

For those of you struggling with the wrong tools, check out this awesome deal for Photoshop + Lightroom for only $9.99 a month! If you’re a freelancer, you may even be able to write this…
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A New Start

So I did it! I’ve finished creating my new online hub here at! I’ll be finalizing the transition from Ring The Alam today after I finish copying over most of my photos from previous…
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Color Love – Peach & Navy

Adding to my wonderful collection of random colors I love, below is another one of my color love board. I found this beautiful photo from Salvatore Ferragamo ofΒ Camilla Belle. Gorgeous. Too off-set the bright peaches…
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Sunday Moodboard

Before I start working for today, I wanted to share a little moodboard I whipped up. I’m currently feeling a very black and white mood if that makes any sense. I’m craving some vintage clothing…
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Color Love

In an attempt to not lose my mind from working about 6 hours straight, I’ve decided to take a mini break on Pinterest and continue the ‘Color Love’ series I began randomly a month ago.…
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Hey, I’m Melissa!
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Oh crap. Trying to hit ten tatts by 2018 (aka 3 more). This might be the move doe πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”…

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  • That girl is a real crowd pleaser. Got some new highlights so why not. πŸ’πŸ½// πŸ“·: @zimzima1
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  • Thanks for the love in today's morning newsletter @ladyparticipate and @parismcgarry! πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘―