Learning Calligraphy

My friend Sharon invited me to attend an awesome workshop this past weekend. She, along with her very talented partner Anna, created a company called “New Old Fshnd” here in Philly. They host “curated workshops…
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Make Your Own Success Story

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others. Especially in the freelance/entrepreneur/blogger world where everyone is doing the exact same thing as you. Even outside of your profession, your peers, family members, and Facebook friends…
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It’s Time For Some Growth

There comes a time when being a solopreneur can get really hectic. It’s not a bad sign, but a good sign symbolizing that you must be doing something right. For me, I’m blessed to have…
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3 Reasons To Move On From A Project

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A Fresh Brand Board

I had fun with this one. I’m updating my brand a bit and my dream customer/client profile, so I wanted a brand that resonates with the new me. “Grown Sexy” (Bachelor fans, you’ll understand haha).…
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The Work vs Love Balance

As an entrepreneur, the hours are long and the work is never ending. In between client meetings and working on client deliverables, I’m constantly on the grind. And it’s exactly the life I wanted because…
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Client Lessons – Part 1

It’s inevitable for freelancers and small business owners to meet two types of clients: the ones who are awesome to work with and the ones who turn into more of a burden than a benefit…
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A Few Changes Around Here

With a growing business (yay!), 2014 is the year I make moves. Insert a little business identity update these past few weeks. I took some serious time to redesign my business structure, my online identity,…
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Fairytale Careers

Being self-employed for the last year and a half, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’m currently in my living room watching The Bachelor and preparing for the upcoming Snowmageddon in Philly right now, so…
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Link Love

I know a lot of people use Evernote to run their lives on the internet, but until I switch over to the app and really learn to love it, I simply save my favorite “link…
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