First Stop: Denver & Boulder

December 13, 2015

Most people don’t know this but I’m working on a new print magazine that’s launching this January called Spoonful Magazine. I’ll talk more about that in a separate post because it’s such an exciting project and publication coming out, but for now let’s talk about our visit to Colorado.
Sara and I are both working together to find stockists or locations to host Spoonful Magazine once we launch. Think fine food markets, boutiques, bookstores, kitchen and home good shops, etc. So our first stop was to Denver and Boulder (40 minutes away from Denver).
We went to a lot of awesome shops and stores – Shea Boutique, Hazel & Dewey, IronWood, Fancy Tiger, Alpine Modern, The Source (very cool open, artisan food market) and so much more. We spent about four days driving from shop to shop, making connections, eating a lot of food (and doughnuts from Habit), and even doing a little sunset hike to the top of a mountain in Boulder. ‘Twas beautiful! We really liked Colorado for the mountainous way of life, and Boulder was a pleasant surprise as a cute startup town. The people were also so much more laid back and friendlier in my opinion.
We’re currently on another trip where we went from Seattle to Portland to San Francisco, so stay tuned for those posts as I’ve been snapping away with my cam cam as usual. For now, keep scrolling down for some of the Colorado imagery I experienced!
Spoonful - Denver-7
Spoonful - Denver-17 copy
Spoonful - Denver-5
Spoonful - Denver-9

Spoonful - Denver-14

Spoonful - Denver-23

Spoonful - Denver-34

Spoonful - Denver-35

Spoonful - Denver-37

Spoonful - Denver-39

Spoonful - Denver-42

Spoonful - Denver-45

Spoonful - Denver-46

Spoonful - Denver-49

Spoonful - Denver-54

Spoonful - Denver-70

Spoonful - Denver-73

Spoonful - Denver-75

Spoonful - Denver-77

Spoonful - Denver-80

Spoonful - Denver-84

Spoonful - Denver-83

Spoonful - Denver-89

Spoonful - Denver-90

Spoonful - Denver-93

Spoonful - Denver-97

Spoonful - Denver-101

Spoonful - Denver-104

Spoonful - Denver-107

Spoonful - Denver-121

Spoonful - Denver-126

Spoonful - Denver-127

Spoonful - Denver-131

Spoonful - Denver-132

Spoonful - Denver-133

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