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For The Love Of A Dirty Iced Chai

August 23, 2015

As an entrepreneur, I need caffeine. And some days, I need a lot of it. I’ve found my favorite drink at the lovely Cafe Ole here in Old City, Philadelphia. It’s literally a block away from The Hive, so I’ve spent quite a lot of my pennies over there for quick lunches (their vegan wrap is the bomb) and dirty iced chai drinks. A dirty iced chai is an iced chai with 1-2 shots of espresso in it. HELLO!
The flavors of chai at Cafe Ole are delicious, and you really can’t go wrong. They’ve got flavors like raspberry chai, green tea chai, peppermint chai, spiced chai, etc. My friends, Sara and Kat, and I are working here on a beautiful Sunday so we walked over to get some munchies and brain fuel. I went with a dulce de leche flavor for my dirty iced chai and snapped some pics during this midday break. I’ve been feeling re-inspired to take photos lately, so yay for this blog and my Instagram.
How’s your Sunday going?
Trip To Cafe Ole_4

Trip To Cafe Ole_-3

Trip To Cafe Ole_7

Trip To Cafe Ole_10

Trip To Cafe Ole_-13

  • Sarah

    I don’t drink coffee, but I’m definitely going to check out their iced chais when I get a chance! Thanks for the rec 🙂

  • Looks yummy! I need to be where you are ASAP.

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