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Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

I’m Opening A Business

(Fingers Crossed) I’m such a neglectful blogger. Maybe because my friends have become my “blog” each night as I open up to them and tell them all about the crazy ideas I have in my…
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Philly Wine + Food Festival Uncorked

I received some last minute tickets to Philadelphia Magazine’s awesome Wine + Food Festival UNCORKED, and I had a blast! I took my girlfriends Leena and Nikki and we went table to table trying out some…
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7 Reasons Why I Love Being My Own Boss

1) My time. Nothing beats the freedom you have when you’re your own boss. If I want to start my work day at 11am or end at 3pm, I can do it! It’s all about…
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Things I Need To Do This Summer

So I’ve been in a state of transition lately. A fellow #bossbabe friend of mine mentioned that I may be burnt out from the two years of freelancing, and I think she’s right. One of…
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I took some photos in front of this wall full of beautiful vines near my house. Above is the outcome. Fashion blogging is probably a route not for me. Way too awkward for me. Props…
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Spruce Street Harbor Love

Beautiful right? This is the new hot spot for us Philadelphians. Spruce Street Harbor is a bundle of joy – think park plus boardwalk plus tons of hammocks! I’ve been there during the day and…
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A Day In Doha

If you can’t tell already, I had an amazing time during my layover in Doha! I made a new friend – a current grad student studying in Paris named Melissa(!) – and I got to…
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And I’m off!

I’m currently sitting inside a hotel lobby waiting for my shuttle to the airport here in Doha, Qatar. I passed right out when I came here during my 12 hour layover (ugh), and I woke…
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Life Lately

(Wo)Man, have I been slacking on my blog. Especially considering that this is my “happy place” on the internet, I should probably be posting more. Blogging can be very therapeutic to a lot of people,…
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Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you’re all spending your beautiful Monday with friends and family today. Enjoy the holiday and the break. We all know how hectic our lives are going to get starting tomorrow! Oh, life of a…
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Hey, I’m Melissa!
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If you ever wonder what @KatiiRoll and I do when we hang out...💸💰💵😂…

About 2 hours ago from Melissa Alam's Twitter via Instagram

  • If you ever wonder what @katiiroll and I do when we hang out...💸💰💵😂
  • Great to meet clients in person! Thanks for the cheesesteak lunch @cordesfdn and can't wait for our upcoming project for #OpportunityCollaboration! 👩🏽‍💻🙌🏽
  • Tried to capitalize on that golden hour. Things got weird instead. ❤️