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October 18, 2016

Update: view the video from my hangout here:

Hey friends!
I’ve been getting multiple requests from awesome entrepreneurs, boss ladies and creatives who are interested in picking my brain. As much as I hate that saying, I figured I could reach most of you all at the same time with a Google Hangout happening next Wednesday, October 26th from 12:30pm-1:30pm EST.Β This is my first time testing this method out, but I’m sure it’ll be fun! If you’re interested and the time works, sign up below (or use this form here) and I’ll shoot out the Google Hangout link right before the event.
Topics that I can cover include how to host your own conference, lessons I learned from opening (and closing) an all-female co-working space, how I handle clients and so on. I’m also available for private,Β strategicΒ consulting sessions if you’d like to dive further than just this Q&A session – hit me up via email if so. Looking forward to chatting with you all next Wednesday!
Photo by the amazing Cheyenne Gil!

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