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Sweet & Spark!

October 4, 2013
Sweet and Spark Visits Philadelphia | MelissaAlam.com

Sweet and Spark Visits Philadelphia | MelissaAlam.com Sweet and Spark Visits Philadelphia | MelissaAlam.com Sweet and Spark Visits Philadelphia | MelissaAlam.com Sweet and Spark Visits Philadelphia | MelissaAlam.comSweet & Spark came to visit Philly in a cute little pop-up event held in Rittenhouse. The gal behind the company, Jillian Bremer partnered with her dad awhile back and created a company of beautiful curated vintage pieces. Items on Sweet & Spark are affordable, one-of-a-kind and have a ton of history as they are mostly found through estate sales, flea markets, antique shops and more. Talk about entrepreneurship at it’s finest! I was able to speak to Jillian about an idea I have for the consignment culture here in Philly and her words of advice were – “Just do it. Just go out there and do it.”

I’m not one to shy away from ideas or side projects, and I definitely believe in those words. If you have an idea, start a game plan for it first and then go out there and do it. Even if the foundation is a little rocky at first, putting yourself out there and testing out the waters is the only way to really create a strong business idea and stable foundation. Blog Bloom started out as a random idea I had in my bedroom and turned into so much more with a great partner I brought on and coffee & conversation events that are becoming the toast of the town! I know I didn’t have the most organized approach to the idea of Blog Bloom, but I still went out there, taught classes and then tweaked what worked and didn’t work from there (which I’m thinking of sharing in a future blog post!).

Anyway, going back to Sweet & Spark! It was great to meet Jillian and see her idea and business in motion. I’m definitely going to be doing my share of research now that I’m potentially diving into the world of e-commerce, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed the photos above from the event! As always, stay fabulous readers.

  • It was so lovely meeting you! Thanks for such a sweet post. Keep in touch and keep following your dreams!

    • Melissa

      No, thank you Jillian! I’ve been reading your blog lately and your story is so inspirational. Thanks for the kind words!

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