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The Time I Met Gordon Ramsay

December 2, 2015

What a cool experience! My bestie Sara organized a little local Philly press event on behalf of Good Morning America’s 40th Year Anniversary. With 40 hours of non-stop programming, Good Morning America wanted to spend midnight with Gordon Ramsay and Chef Christina Wilson (Season 10 winner of Hell’s Kitchen and now Gordon’s right hand woman), along with some of this season’s mini Masterchef Juniors, to makeΒ some delicious midnight snacks! We’re talking a thick and cheesy grilled cheese sandwich with brisket, truffled popcorn, and some amazingly mouthwatering scrambled eggs. I naturally had to try the dishes once the shooting was over because when else do you get plates of food made directly by Gordon himself?!
He chatted with press and guests afterwards, and I must say he was very, very cool. His quick wit had us laughing to death. Check out this video I put on Instagram as I went all fan girl in his face, oops. He even told me, “You’ve got class lady – use it!” #hehe
Here are some pics that I took behind the scenes that even ended up on and on OK Magazine. Thanks Sara! Special thanks to Fork and High Street on MarketΒ for hosting and giving us tons of snacks and wine for the night!

  • Briana Louise Sposato

    So much fun! Love these images

  • OMG, I would totally die. I am a humongous fan. Love the pictures!

    • He was sooo funny! Lots of charisma and such a character. πŸ™‚

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