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    For The Love Of A Dirty Iced Chai

    August 23, 2015
    Trip To Cafe Ole_-5

    As an entrepreneur, I need caffeine. And some days, I need a lot of it. I’ve found my favorite drink at the lovely Cafe Ole here in Old City, Philadelphia. It’s literally a block away from The Hive, so I’ve spent quite a lot of my pennies over there for quick lunches (their vegan wrap is the bomb) and dirty iced chai drinks. A dirty iced chai is an iced chai with 1-2 shots of espresso in it. HELLO! Continue Reading

  • Melissa Alam Temple University Internship Program
    On Entrepreneurship


    Found this gem while scouring the internet (aka I was testing out the search engine Duck Duck Go because they’re a local Philly startup and fighting the big fight against Google’s search engine – read…

    August 23, 2015
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    Stay Classy, San Diego

    I had the most epic weekend. In case you don’t follow me on Snapchat (@jogamel88) or Instagram (@ringthealam), then let me fill you in. Thursday morning was when I set off bright and early…

    June 3, 2015