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The Smart Creative

Smart Creative

My good friend Napoleon sent over an email today after reading a book called “How Google Works.” He said one part of it reminded him of me, so I was naturally intrigued. Here’s the content:

And who, exactly, is this smart creative?

A smart creative has deep technical knowledge in how to use the tools of her traditional sense. They are a new kind of animal, a type we call a “smart creative,” and they are the key to achieving success in the Internet Century.

The primary objective of any business today must be to increase the speed of the product development process and the quality of its output. Since the industrial revolution, operating processes have been biased toward lowering risk and avoiding mistakes. These processes, and the overall management approach from which they were derived, result in environments that stifle smart creatives.
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The Time I Was On Coca Cola’s Site


My Google Calendar is about to explode. I feel like I’ve been on a whirlwind press tour for The Hive, and the funny part is that I don’t even have the keys to the place yet. (Well, I get them on Wednesday AAAHHH.) So part of this “media blitz” as I call it (hey, I’ve always wanted to use those words together and I finally can, sort of) was an interview with a writer for Coca Cola’s website. Yes, that Coca Cola. Delicious cola in a red can.

The author Mackensy found me through another article and called me one night to ask about how I focus as an entrepreneur. She wanted 10, I gave her 11. Call me an overachiever I suppose.

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