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Walnut St. Labs


I was invited to do an hour long chat at Walnut St. Labs last week – and it was a blast! Walnut St. Labs is a co-working and incubator space in the beautiful Philly suburb called West Chester. When they asked me to speak during their Weekly Startup Meetup, I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. The night before I spent looking up past videos of speakers and trying to get some sense of what the audience might want to hear. Call it “nervous speaker competitive research.”

After a few browses, I decided that it might be fun to go down memory lane and show people where I started in this random life of mine. Looking back, I realized that I had the passion back then, but horrendous graphic design skills haha. It’s all about progress, people!

The space was packed by the time I started my talk, and the audience was really supportive and interested in everything. (Thanks audience!) If you’re interested in hearing me babble for an hour, here’s the link. But mind you, I cringe from social anxiety when I see and hear myself talk.

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I want to be a serial entrepreneur. And I’m in the process of it as we speak. My thoughts are “why not plant a few more seeds here and there?” I guess I’ve fallen victim to the entrepreneurial bug recently and feel like the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas and opportunities. What I’m doing differently though is partnering with a few people on these projects so that we can support one another. Companies are hard to create with or without a partner, but I’m at a point where I crave a partnership. Stay tuned for the launch of some of these side hustles because I’d love to hear your thoughts! Like Steve Jobs so eloquently put it, “Stay Thirsty, Stay Foolish.”

P.S. That’s my roommate’s cat Pear. He’s “big-boned” and a sweetheart. And apparently a GQ model from this photo above.