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Dear San Francisco, I’ll Be Back


I had the best time in San Francisco. I mean, what a dream city! I flew out to California’s beautiful Los Angeles and San Francisco for five days as a little vacation/conference time at the end of August. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast. Other than traveling alone (which I need to do more often), visiting the West Coast was like visiting a whole new world. Ok, well a world that I kind of expected thanks to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Full House, and Anthony Bourdain.

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You Don’t Have To Know It All

Melissa Alam

But you have to be willing to just take that jump, that leap of faith with your ideas. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my current project: The Hive by Femme & Fortune. It’s been getting a lot of press and love from friends lately (I’ve never gotten so many Facebook likes on my posts ever), so I really can’t turn back now. The whole world (exaggeration) is looking now, so I just need to take a deep breath and show them what I’ve got. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned so far in this entrepreneurship journey of mine:

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